Monday, 13 May 2013

More retaining wall updates

We're back!

These landscapers are great! Noticeable changes every day.

Here's the alfresco steps as of this morning. I'll post a picture of the tiled steps tomorrow -

Here's the rear retaining wall -

Another shot of same wall, and the newly constructed retaining wall made of treated logs, to support the soil and grass we're piling in there soon -

Latest front shot, with higher front retaining wall. More bricks on order -

Retaining wall at front, and a shot of how the driveway finishes down the side with a final water grate. This will terminate to pebbles down this run -

Some shots of the water grates on driveway -

This was taken from outside the garage -

This panoramic was taken from the corner of the garage -

Here's a shot of the central splitter inside the Telstra LUKA box. This was the reason why we couldn't get line sync. We've removed it for now -

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