Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Driveway poured today

Some exterior updates!

The framework for the driveway was completed yesterday, along with shaping of the front and rear yards, and the base for the retaining wall running down the LHS of the house.

Here's the drain we chose - heel-proof grill, and it will look fine too -

Photos of the drainage in place -

More drainage, LHS -

 The driveway was approved by Council on Monday. Here's the shot from the garage, and the retaining wall with drainage underneath -

A couple of front panorama shots -

Grills in place, ready for pouring (Tuesday) -

 Fill for drainage pipes, and shots of the electrical conduits for later lighting plans -

LHS side shots - small drain on side for taps, and another top shot -

 Wednesday morning, and the cement trucks arrive. We've chosen a black concrete colour -

Pouring -

Looking good so far. They wait a couple of hours and scree it to finish then -

From the front door -

Slight panorama of same view -

 It's taking shape -

The alfresco staircase base should be done today also.

Telstra finally connected our line yesterday, so we have a dial-tone. Of course, in the process, they smashed the ADSL pairing that was done in the Exchange, so this will need to be done again.

And finally, Masterton have come and taken the spare cement drain and the unused 'scraps' bin from the site.

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