Thursday, 30 May 2013

Landscaping and driveway is finished

Here's the latest shot from the front of house. The grass is down, the retaining wall is complete. Pebbles are laid down each side along with pavers. You might notice the grass is pulled up next to the driveway - this is because one coat of sealer remains to be applied - 

Here's a couple of shots of the front -

And another from the garage corner -

Backyard turf is complete -

From the pool -

Another from the front -

Here's the complete LHS from rear, and from the same spot towards the pool. See, we've managed to level off the overflow drain, and the clothes line has been installed -

The completed staircase, and the completed outdoor shower -

 Here's the RHS retaining wall as it runs down the house, and a couple of shots of the pool -

Some more shots of the RHS retaining and finishing - we love it! -

Monday, 20 May 2013

Shutters installed + rear turf going in today

Last Friday was our window covering installation day, all courtesy of Ark Finishing Touches.

They've been fantastic, and are by far the cheapest and best quality in our area. Here's their site.

Retaining walls are all but finished. We are 9 blocks short, as we went higher at the front than quoted, so the line along the RHS isn't complete next to the house - but out of sight out of mind for the time-being.

The LHS retaining wall work continues, and river pebbles will be installed on both sides of the house once this is done.

Soil leveling being done in rear yard at the time of this update, and rear turf will be installed later today.

Tomorrow the LHS retaining wall be completed, and pebbles laid, and on Wednesday the front yard turf will be laid.

We did some in-ceiling speaker installs in the alfresco over the weekend. Messy dusty work, but they look good. We haven't powered them up yet - more to install.

Installed another 3 packets of weep-guards. This house just sucks them up, and at $1.50 a piece, I'm not sure I'll complete the job - all the lower weep-guards are covered over though. Just the ones at the 1st floor not done.

We got the landscapers to install the clothes line post in the rear yard, plug a hole in the pool retaining wall that the dog was escaping via, and complete the outside shower. All amazing work!

Here's the shower, sans grout -

Here's the rear garden bed, capped off -

 LHS retaining wall area now being excavated -

 Shutters installed in media room at front, front bedroom, and rear main bedroom. Everywhere else got colour-matched blinds. Photos to follow of that once we tidy up a bit -

 Exterior shots, with shutters -

Rear retaining wall filled with soil, and they've managed to fill to that drain, which is great! -

 Clothes line post insert installed, and a photo of the letterbox to be installed -

Early this morning we had the guys turn up with a delivery of Sapphire grass and more ingredients - love it -

Here's a midday update -

Here's the backyard, half done, and the alfresco steps -

Here's a representative photo of the ceiling speakers we've installed in the alfresco over the weekend -

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Even more retaining wall photos

The retaining wall work is nearly done. Along with the alfresco stairs.

Here's some more shots.

Here's the alfresco staircase prior to fill with grout -

 And at lunchtime today, here's the finished product (apart from tiles on LHS side-wall)

Here's the shower, at pour, and just prior to tiles (tiling this Friday) -

Here's the front retaining wall, just about finished -

Here's a photo I've amended with the overview plan. We're thinking of putting a dog training collar system in, as our dog keeps demolishing things in our garden beds...

Here's a couple more photos, from evening of Tues 14/5. Retaining walls in rear all finished. Just waiting for tiling of shower area, fill of garden space, more wood retaining along LHS (new work), soil and turf to rear. Then onto front soil and turf - then all done!

Monday, 13 May 2013

More retaining wall updates

We're back!

These landscapers are great! Noticeable changes every day.

Here's the alfresco steps as of this morning. I'll post a picture of the tiled steps tomorrow -

Here's the rear retaining wall -

Another shot of same wall, and the newly constructed retaining wall made of treated logs, to support the soil and grass we're piling in there soon -

Latest front shot, with higher front retaining wall. More bricks on order -

Retaining wall at front, and a shot of how the driveway finishes down the side with a final water grate. This will terminate to pebbles down this run -

Some shots of the water grates on driveway -

This was taken from outside the garage -

This panoramic was taken from the corner of the garage -

Here's a shot of the central splitter inside the Telstra LUKA box. This was the reason why we couldn't get line sync. We've removed it for now -