Friday, 26 October 2012

Builders are back!

Well, after a solid 8 weeks of no-one onsite, the builders arrived back at our site this week.

During the last week of September, the site supervisor must've felt sorry for us, and conceded to have the roofing trusses installed. The brickies told me they didn't want this as it apparently slows things down, but tough luck I guess.

Photos of roof trusses, installed

Last week, on 17th and 18th October, some labourers came onsite and stacked the bricks for the brickies. No actual brickwork occured though.

Lots of bricks stacked - apparently brickies hate this job. Whatever.

More stacks, this time both levels at rear.

More stacks, along RHS from front, and patio at front.

Stacks along RHS, both ways.

A lintel, waiting to be bricked in, on RHS from front, and rear view.

An ordinary photo of rear view from scaffolding.

Monday 23rd Oct - no activity

Tuesday 24th Oct - there for a couple of hours, then it rained

Views from upstairs family room

View of main bathroom, and bricked in staircase area

Bricks are nearly to the top along LHS from front

Bricks are nearly there, LHS shown, and rear of house.

Kalen jumped into this shot! He's a character!

Wednesday 25th Oct through Friday 27th Oct - there all day, making reasonable progress

25th October -

Main family room, upstairs, and middle support beam finally installed.

LHS from front, and entrance shot

Support beam in garage, and view from garage

26th October -
View from upstairs family room and LHS corbel, first done.

View from upstairs and corbel along front 1st floor wall

View of BR2 (front of house, inside and out)

Various shots of inside the roof truss above garage, above it, and view down inside the support beam over front entrance of house - cavity!!

The plumbers have been back, and chased in their pipes for the ventilation of toilet, laundry.

Ventilation ports will extend through tiles on roof

Close-up of water protection and inside BR3. Note the black material by default flaps forwards towards the flooring but if running cable afterwards can easily run past this if moved forward (I'm holding it forward on the LHS as an example).

The carpenters snuck back in at some point and installed the bulkheads in entrance, kitchen and laundry, shown below.

 27th October -

Finished rooms - BR2, BR3 and BR4

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Inaction Summary

I thought I'd tie up all the inaction posts into one, to save the bitching -

16th Sept - one week lost. Nothing at all done onsite since the scaffolding

21st Sept - two weeks lost. No contact from site supervisor.

25th Sept - three weeks lost. Finally got hold of site supervisor, who said they'd be back today. Nothing happened though.

27th Sept - a single van turns up today and installs most of the roof trusses.

28th Sept - same van back for an hour or two of tidy up, roof truss-related only.

3rd Oct - escalated to Construction Manager, as a similar Villina that started after ours (a few blocks away) is now at the gyprock stage, having had it's brickwork finished a month ago, roofing, plumbing and electricity completed in the last 3 weeks... The site supervisor finally called me back and said that the brickies will be back mid-next week (10/10 or so) and will remain to finish the job

11th Oct - escalated once again as was not happy with losting 6 weeks of building time. Was again told brickies to turn up, weather permitting on 15th October. We've lost any hope we had of getting to PCI by Christmas 2012.

16th Oct - I've been advised by Masterton sources that the brickies are back tomorrow. Hopefully things will speed up from now. Our upstairs floors are looking the worse for wear. All the nails are rusty. *sigh*