Friday, 7 September 2012

Scaffolding fully assembled - come back builders!!

Looks like they spent the whole day constructing this scaffolding. It's quite a piece of work. Warwick got up there and had a walk around, despite the recovering broken leg - quite the buzz being at the rear of the property on the *outside* of the windows, looking in!

Now just gotta get those brickies back. The SS was whinging to me the other day that people aren't becoming brickies and the ones are in are giving up the trade. So they are a hard breed to find and hold onto...

Here's a view from the front, including a close-up of the entrance

More front, plus upwards from inside the garage

The rear of the house, and the LHS (from the rear)

 Up on the cat-walking... along the LHS, and along rear of property, at level 1

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Scaffolding being installed today!

I pulled into our road today and saw a scaffolding truck unloading! Never thought I'd get excited about a delivery of scaffolding.

Check out the photos -

 And here's a sign that appeared on the fencer over the last week or so, for the staircase -

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Windows sills bricked in

The final brick update prior to scaffolding going up.

Met the Site Supervisor (Craig) today - nice guy. He confirmed that the scaffolding is being delivered tomorrow (Wednesday 5/9), and that the brickies would come back soon after that.

Photos below of the final front finish prior to scaffold.

We have window sills! RHS of house below -

Alfresco and study window -

Rear windows for the great room!

View of the rear of the house.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Weekend Update!

Weekend Update!

Final two days of brickwork downstairs occurs on Saturday and today (Monday 3rd). The brickies told us that the scaffolding will be delivered and installed this week.

But sadder news is that the brickies have to go to another job for a couple of weeks... not good...

On a lighter note, photo update time!

Nearly finished the verandah supports on the left -

Lovely bricks down the RHS now.

Close up on supports for verandah, nearly complete

A close-up of the brand of flooring installed upstairs, and the vent pipe for the laundry runs through the void in the main bedroom on the left pylon.

Another of the vent pipe, and a top-down of the LHS front facade 'beam' from the verandah.